Freelance artist, curator, Berlin

Personal statement

“IRON CURTAIN is about dialogue. English guests and residents of Friedrichshain talk about their lives in the formerly divided Berlin. About similarities and differences between systems and about change. The 9th of November 2014 is a date for reminiscence and for remembrance.

In 1984 I emigrated from Berlin-Friedrichshain to London. I also lived in West Berlin. New, different perspectives and the feeling of living “between two worlds”. Friends represent a constant. We stayed in close touch through letters.

Elke Böttcher reads from those I sent from London which were intercepted by State Security. It brings back the terror of this era of censorship and injustice. The Galiläakirche is filled with reverberating sounds from the Steel Cello and large-screen projections; once more a place of peace and freedom and flow; and we talk and watch and hear and eat and drink and remember, and hold our vigil...” (Sabine Heron)